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Written by Kat Duncan   
Thursday, 03 April 2014 10:32


My Newest Release for Writers, Book #3 in my Series for Writers,

How to Handle Conflict and Tension is launched on Smashwords! Just $1.99US

Recent review for How to Handle Conflict and Tension:

Writing Skills? Yes, there are countless books on this topic out there and I'm sure just like me, many upcoming writers are skeptical about their worth. But I think all struggling fiction writers have something to learn from this book. The beauty of it is that Kat Duncan has a way of telling it all in a simple language that is enjoyable to read. The book covers virtually all the fundamentals that every fiction writer wanting to make any impact in the literary world should know - a true wealth of information indeed. After reading the book I just felt I'd be unfair to her and to those who need this kind of information, not to give my opinion about it. Keep up the good work, Madam. You have positively influenced my writing. -Peter Lumba

How to Handle Grammar is available on Amazon.

How to Handle Details is available on Amazon:

Also, check out My Next Workshop Coming up!

Voice Training for Your Character

June 2014 with Outreach International RWA
Voice is one part author and many more parts character. If you're familiar with the concepts of voice and deep point of view but you want in-depth info on how each of these applies to creating unique, memorable characters, this is the workshop for you. In several lessons we'll cover all the necessary details of character delineation including their feeling, thinking, speaking, acting and believing. Course includes examples of how to use slang, accents, jargon, maxims, regionalisms, etc. to best effect. Related exercises will help you use these techniques to hone your character's voice and style to a professional level. Additional exercises on deep point of view and on developing your own unique figurative language will take your characterization skills to the master level.


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Fool For Romance 2014 PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by Kat Duncan   
Friday, 28 February 2014 19:29

Welcome to the Fool for Romance 2014 Contest! 

Comment on this blog post to be in the running to win a signed print copy of Ali's Victory. Your comment also puts you in the running for a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Click the Fool for Romance 2014 badge at the bottom of the blog for more chances to win!

The contest runs from 3/1/14 through 3/31/14

Next Workshop Coming up!

Get Grammar and Style with Savvy Authors

Start Date April 7 - Register here!

What's a style or a voice and where do I get one? Whether you "get" grammar or not, your style and voice come from how you use grammar. This grammar-based style-enhancing workshop is for writers who don't "get" grammar or for those who think they don't want to get it. Proper use of grammar and style makes a story flow smoothly, page after page. Poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs ruin the pace of your novel and make editors and agents pass up your manuscript. Let me guide you through a review of basic grammar terms, punctuation and capitalization and show you sentence pattern techniques you can put right to use the day you learn them.

Looking for ways to improve your style without losing your unique voice? This style-enhancing workshop is for writers who want to learn more ways to show off their style. Proper use of complex grammar constructions such as phrases and clauses can pack a wallop of tension, emotion or information without knocking the reader out of the story. Poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs can slow down or confuse readers. Let me guide you through higher level grammar constructions including phrases, clauses, auxiliary verbs, and sentence modifiers, and show you the related sentence pattern techniques so you can put them right to use. Includes a review of "no nos" such as run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers.

Take charge of your style and make your voice shout! This workshop is for writers who want to learn advanced grammar and style techniques to use in developing their unique style. Lectures will post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to guide you through higher level grammar concepts including parallel structures, the use of subtext, colloquial and vernacular phrases, and idioms. Includes practice with complex grammatical "no nos" such as adjective-adverb errors, idiom and coordination errors. Explores a variety of style choices such as head-hopping, talking heads in dialogue, showing versus telling, slipping into omniscient point-of-view, revealing too much and too little information, and examines the pros and cons of each.


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Writer's Guide Series Preview PDF Print Write e-mail
Thursday, 06 February 2014 11:11

I'm so excited! Here's a preview of my new book series for writers. All books are based on my popular workshops with additional information and exercises for you to try on your own. Now you'll have access to all my hints, tips, tricks and explanations to do your best writing ever! Here's what the new series covers will look like:


This book is now available on Amazon!

I'm planning to add more titles this year. 13 in all! Topics such as characters, conflict, emotion, dialogue, hooks and more! Watch for the release of the first book in the series, How to Handle Details, coming soon!

In the meanwhile, check out my latest upcoming workshop over at Savvy Authors:


Workshop starting March 4, 2014 - Register now!


Learn exactly how to use active voice to maximize the impact of your writing style. Kat will show you how to identify and fix passive sentences and explain when you should leave them alone and why. Kat will provide plenty of well-explained examples of how to develop an engaging active voice and use it to build tension and control pacing. Bonus: Learn simple techniques to design figurative language and action-emotion word combinations that will liven up your manuscript. Includes optional exercises.




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