Excerpt from The Long and Short of It Review for Fifty-eight Faces: "When Caroline and Evan first team up, the truce between them is uneasy, but I enjoyed watching them learn to trust each other. I wondered if Evan and Caroline would put their differences aside for good, or if they would go back to hating each other once the crisis they faced was over. I turned each page anticipating an answer." Read full review here! And click the cover art below to purchase your copy!

"If I wasn't sworn as a doctor, I'd pull this trigger."

A flash lit the darkness. An ear-shattering echo reverberated in the concrete vault. Evan staggered. Caroline dropped the gun, and its over-sensitized trigger fired again. It spun like a top on the concrete. She rushed

"Evan. Evan. Are you hurt? Where? I didn't pull the trigger. It just went off in my hand." She grabbed his shoulders, bracing him, scanning him for a wound.

He steadied himself and pushed her aside. "You missed." He stared at the gun lying on the floor. He picked it up and hefted it, his brows pinched in thought. Pointing it away from her, he firmly grasped the weapon and gently tapped its side. It fired.

He turned on her, his mouth thinned into a grimace, his eyes squinting.

She put up her hands. "Evan, don't…"

He tipped the gun toward the ceiling and with a snap, removed the clip. He tossed the pieces in opposite directions. They spun and clattered on the concrete floor. In a few quick steps, he closed the distance between them. His broad hands engulfed her shoulders, infusing her shivering body with a surge of solid warmth.

"That gun was rigged by an expert. An expert who arranged for us to meet here. Then disappeared.”